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The Bachelorette

Which Two Reality Star DUDES Watch The Bachelorette Together?!


As much as we love breaking out the wine coolers for our Monday night Bachelorette fests, we hardly expect the same sort of devotion from reality TV stars. But looks like the magic of Desiree Hartsock has drawn in two more dudes. Who’s the mystery pair?

It’s The Bachelorette’s South American soccer stud Juan Pablo Galavis and The Voice’s Texas soul man Anthony Evans, Jr!

Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter    

How the dudes know each other, we can only guess since crossover’s unlikely between the ABC and NBC Monday night rivals. Maybe Anthony’s Voice coach/sometimes bilingual singer Christina Aguilera is a mutual acquaintance?

However they met, the adorably accented Juan Pablo grabbed recently dinner with the Cee Lo Green sorta lookalike (minus the Persian cat). Afterwards, JP somehow convinced Anthony to watch The Bachelorette probably to confirm Des’ temporary bout of face blindness that led to the ball boy’s deflowering during Episode 6.

The resulting Instagram video of Juan Pablo and Anthony enjoying some sofa time together is solid reality TV gold. Watch it if only for the three seconds where Juan Pablo puppy dog eyes the camera and coos, “Me Juan Pablo.” Yes, you, Juan Pablo. Any day, any time.