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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will April Be With Jackson or Matthew? Sarah Drew Says…

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 seems like a lifetime away, but the writers have been hard at work for months and already have four episodes ready to go. They took a month-long break to relax, but now their noses are to the grindstone and some exciting scenes have already been written.

Though no one has spilled details yet, star Sarah Drew (April Kepner) paid the writers’ room a visit this week and revealed a tiny tidbit. After hearing some things about the upcoming season, she’s “so excited,” but there’s one thing she can’t decide — who her character will be with.

Today, July 11, she wrote, “Spent some time with the writers on Monday hearing about season 10 for April!! So excited!” and a fan immediately replied, “I love Japril! Do you?” Her response was just as indecisive as her character’s feelings. She tweeted back:

Sigh, girl needs to make up her mind! Obviously we’re partial to Japril, but we just want April to be happy. Do you think she belongs with Matthew or Jackson? Vote in the reaction buttons below!