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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013: Why Desiree Hartsock Should Choose Zak Waddell

Let’s talk about Zak Waddell, the charming, hot Bachelorette 2013 contestant who we think is arguably the best choice for Desiree Hartsock. There are three other great choices in waiting for Desiree, but Zak has a few things the other guys don’t that make him our pick for hottest shirtless dude on the show Des.

First of all, Zak is obviously not afraid of showing his personality every week, no matter what people have to say about what that looks like. Nude scene on a balcony? No problem. Shirtless arrival with pantsless party antics? Don’t mind if he does. But that’s not all he is, as he’s shown since the premiere.

In the second episode, Zak pulled a fast one on all of us by giving Des a vintage journal, showing that he loves things — and people — with a story to tell. Luckily, that’s something that’s very important to Desiree, and was a lot more adorable than if he had written her a terrible poem. And even when he wrote her a song in Atlantic City, it didn’t make us want to hide our faces or burn out our ear holes (pay attention, Siegfried).

In Madeira, Zak’s double date with Drew and Des was cute and fun, and showed that he’s able to get along with dudes, even while representing his feelings for Desiree.

But the best thing about Zak is that he hasn’t said he loves Des, which feels like the most honest thing anyone on the show can do. You’ve known the girl for a few weeks, and have only gotten to spend a little bit of time with her. Save the L-word for after the show. If Desiree knows what’s good for her, she’ll appreciate that he takes his time and enjoys the journey.

Do you agree that Zak is the right choice for Des? Weigh in below.