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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad’s Ed Swiderski Spotted with Babies — Ready to be a Dad?

It's been an entire year since Ed Swiderski and his pickle were spotted passed out in the tepid body of water commonly known as a swimming pool on Bachelor Pad 3, and so much has changed since then. Ed has stopped making animalistic sex noises on camera, he hasn't belted out "Sister Christian" in months, and guys? It looks like he's ready to settle down and make some babies. Sigh, about time!

The problem? Ed was recently spotted holding two innocent youths, both of whom look completely traumatized. Please check out the photo below (which Ed aptly captioned "Who would give this guy TWO babies?") and join us as we pray for these small, worried children.

Credit: Ed Swiderski on Instagram    

No clue as to who these little tykes belong to (praying Ed didn't just find out he's a daddy...), but the kid in Ed's left arm looks 50 shades of shocked and scared, and the kid in his right arm is staring at him in abject horror. Meanwhile, Ed's having a total bro moment, complete with a backwards baseball cap, chinos, and what appears to be a man tank. Get it, dude!

Does it look like Ed is ready for daddyhood based on this picture? We'll leave that one up to you + the comments.

Sigh, if only Ed could be all of our dads.

Source: Ed Swiderski on Instagram