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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Contestant Chris Siegfried Rocks A Beard — Hot or Not?

Everyone stop what you're doing (painting a watercolor portrait of Chris Harrison using your own tears as the water, natch), and listen up. One of Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's contestants has just gone through a major makeover, and he's more hunkerific than ever. Well, if you like your men with a side of unruly facial hair.

The dude in question? None other than Chris "I'm A Poet and Literally Everyone Knows It" Siegfried, who recently posted a picture of himself to Twitter wherein he's wearing hilariously baggy shorts, holding a golf club, and rocking a beard. At least we think that gathering of wispy tresses counts as a beard. It could be classified as an overgrown goatee.


Either way, Chris looks smokin' hot (per usual), but do you prefer this Bachelorette brosef clean, clear, and under control? Because we might. It's like: Stop hiding behind your manly hair fetishes, Chris. Let your lips recite poetry unburdened by that layer of fuzz!

What do you think about Chris' new look? Hit the comments and muse about your opinions and feels because this is an extremely important issue we're dealing with. Think of it as your own personal Rose Ceremony.

Source: Chris Siegfried on Twitter