Credit: ABC with graphic by Julia Wayne for Wetpaint    
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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Contestant Might Appear on The Voice?

Reality TV stars making the rounds after their first on-air appearance isn’t uncommon (looking at you, Sean Lowe) but going from The Bachelorette to The Voice? Seems like a big jump. So who’s the potential music superstar hidden among the roses? Guitar-wielding naked cowboy Zak Waddell? Nope — it’s Venezuelan footballer Juan Pablo Galavis.

The bilingual beau who patiently put up with Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s multiple attempts to speak Spanish shared a photo of what appears to be a name tag for the NBC show.

Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter    

Unfortunately, some poor Sharpie-wielder misspelled Juan’s first name, switching around the “u” and the “a.” We’re guessing the lovestruck intern was distracted by the level ten hottie standing on the other side of the card table. Or was confused when Juan kept insisting his name is pronounced “WHO-an.”

During the past week, Juan Pablo has been palling around with former Team Christina member Anthony Evans, Jr. In the last two days alone, the pair have grabbed dinner, watched a little Bachelorette, and made an Instagram video together. Perhaps Anthony’s also giving Juan Pablo a little extra training before auditions? Not that he’ll need it. If the former pro athlete’s singing is half as good as his abs, then folks, we have a winner.

Source: Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter