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Why Cory Monteith Went to Rehab — Report

UPDATE: We all knew that Cory Monteith was battling some issues, but we don't think anyone expected this to happen. On July 13, 2013, it was reported that Cory had died of what some suspect might be a drug overdose in a Vancouver hotel. While the exact substances have not been revealed, previous reports do give some insight into what sent Cory to rehab earlier this year.

Cory Monteith (Finn) checked into rehab for substance abuse in March 2013, but while his girlfriend and co-stars have been quick to show their support for his decision, information has been scarce about what sort of substances the Glee star has been struggling with.

In its April 3 issue, Us Weekly has some answers. That said, their information comes from unnamed sources and is still only a report. So take this with a grain of salt.

Though Us Weekly says alcohol was a huge contributor to Cory’s decline, the magazine also reports that drugs were definitely involved. The Glee star, who previously went to rehab at age 19, told Parade Magazine in an 2011 interview that he once used “anything and everything, as much as possible.”

This time around, an unnamed Us Weekly insider reports that Cory is battling one drug in particular. “Cocaine is his biggest issue. It’s gotten worse. He needed to get help.”

It hasn’t always been like this, though. Cory completed rehab over 10 years ago. After moving to L.A., Us’s sources say that, until recently, he stayed far away from anything that might cause him to struggle.

A show insider says that for years, Cory drank nothing but nonalcoholic beers at Glee cast functions. However, it sounds as though he eventually began to loosen up on that a bit. ”He’d have a glass of wine with friends or a drink with dinner,” the insider says. “He thought it wouldn’t be a problem.”

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Recently, the insider says Cory had started drinking “heavily,” which the mag says is a result of peer pressure from his roommates. “He drinks hard and then he can’t say no to other things. The house party scene in L.A. is dangerous for him,” another source says. “He thought he could dive in and then drop it, but he got hooked on stuff again.”

The mag echos the multiple other reports that Cory’s girlfriend and Glee co-star and Lea Michele (Rachel) is sticking by him through the whole thing. “She encouraged Cory to get help. She supports him completely,” the Cory insider reveals.

With her support and Cory’s dedication, Us’s sources seem convinced that the Glee star will be able to make a full recovery. “Rehab can work for him because he’s committed,” the insider says. Adds another, “He realized he needed outside help, and he really wants to get back on track.”

Source: Us Weekly, print edition

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