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Big Brother 15: How Does Evicted Houseguest Nick Uhas ACTUALLY Feel About GinaMarie?

In a surprising turn of events last Thursday, Nick Uhas was the second houseguest eliminated on Big Brother 15.

Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

While he was deemed a power player because of his smarts and physicality, Nick's real asset — he thought — was an all-male alliance he formed called The Moving Company. Little did he know that half of his "alliance" would vote to get him out of the house so early in the game.

What he should have realized is that his real asset was a little less manly and a little more blonde. That's right, I'm talking about GinaMarie, Nick's personal — and not so secret — admirer in the house. Well, one of them, because Jessie has tried to get with everyone on this season like she's on some desperate version of The Bachelor.

Now that Nick knows that his fate was determined by his "friends" and that his woman stuck by his side, how does he feel about GinaMarie, because, let's face it, he hardly paid her any attention on the show. In his exit interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nick is asked about the status of his relationship with GinaMarie, and here's Nick's answer:

"GinaMarie was a faux-mance that turned into a 'showmance' and then once I began to see that these emotions were real — we’re in the Big Brother house so you’ve gotta take everything with a grain of salt. Once I started to feel that she was actually into me, I really wanted to protect her from herself. So I almost wanted to contain her emotions so that somewhere down the line, if the Moving Company had to remove her from the game, it wouldn’t be such a hard cut. In all honesty I did care about her. You’d have to be a total cyborg to not have any feelings in that situation. She trusted me and she treated me very well and when she’s out of the house, I’m keeping my word and we’re gonna go on our first date and we’re gonna go to a monster truck rally."

Looks like GinaMarie's tears are warranted. Seriously, this chick was in a glass case of emotion the second Nick's name was read, announcing that he was eliminated. But her super stalker ways have been showing since his exit, so let's hope he likes his women a little crazy.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

07.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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