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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Season 8, Episode 15

Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think? In tonight’s recap of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 15, Vicki Gunvalson and Lauri Peterson keep going at it, while the ice has got Tamra Barney’s tongue. So pop a squat, put on your faux fur, and go easy on your champagne glass.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Following last week's ski-slope drama, the ladies are still on their Canadian vacay, where they get ready for dinner. Vicki puts on her finest faux fur to meet up with Tamra, who thinks Vicki was right in what she said to Lauri. Lauri greets Lydia McLaughlin and makes sure she's still allowed to come to dinner, even though Vicki had uninvited her. Apparently, Vicki doesn't have final say with the dinner guest list.

It's dinner time, and things get tense quickly after Tamra tries to set Vicki up with their not-exactly-hunky server. Vicki says that she can do just fine on her own and that the sex with Brooks Ayers was amazing, leading Lauri to say that Brooks was too good to be true. And just like that, the drama is back!

Lauri continues to explain that she told Gretchen Rossi about Vicki's indiscretions because Vicki had criticized Gretchen for the same thing. The ladies then argue about whether this is "ironic" or "hypocritical," since that really makes a big difference. Vicki doesn't want to be reminded about what she said to Gretchen, likening it to putting throw-up back in her mouth. What a pleasant pre-dinner conversation topic!


Pissed Off

Then, it's time for Gretchen and Vicki to argue about another nonsensical topic as they debate about which one brought up Tamra's name, which led Vicki to say that Gretchen and Tamra's relationship is still shaky. Oy. Finally, the ladies are done with dinner, with Vicki and Lauri never having settled their issues concerning the phone call that Vicki received seven years ago from George's former mother-in-law.

Tamra and Gretchen linger at the dinner table a bit longer, with Gretchen explaining that she didn't want Alexis at the dress-shopping outing because she was worried that she'd call out Alexis. Gretchen feels that Heather Dubrow is trying to compete with her about the Malibu Country role, while Tamra still thinks Gretchen is changing her story too much. They finally hug, but somehow we doubt this detente will last for very long.

The next day, Vicki and Lauri agree to put their differences behind them and enjoy a snowmobile trek. Vicki who has never met an activity that she couldn't brag about extensively talks about how she's number one at snowmobiling... but then is the first one to fall. And speaking of "number one," Tamra decides to relieve herself in the middle of the woods. Then, a snowball fight breaks out, which is much better than a fistfight.

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Stuck on You

The ladies head to dinner, where Vicki is so riled up that she sets down her champagne flute too energetically, snapping it. Gentle, Vick. The ladies then take shots in a subzero-temperature vodka-tasting room. Vicki and Lydia trick Tamra into thinking it's a good idea to put your tongue on the ice wall, and so Tamra leaves behind a piece of her tongue. Has she never seen A Christmas Story? Tamra's heart may not be ice-cold, but her tongue sure was.

Finally, the ladies conclude the trip with good feelings — even though Vicki wants nothing to do with Lauri. And Heather — who missed most of the trip due to her Malibu Country role — had a great week, too, as she had a blast on the show and enjoyed getting closer with Terry. And the less time we spend thinking about Terry's comment about Tamra putting DNA on the wall, the better.

So what did we think? Overall, it was a relief that Lauri and Vicki could put their issues to bed although hopefully not to bed with two other people. However, we know things have not been entirely resolved with them. We're also anxious about how and when Gretchen and Heather will hash things out.

Now, we can't wait until next week, with Vicki confronting Brooks about his love life and Gretchen sitting down with Alexis. In the meantime, if anyone needs us, we'll probably be stuck to the wall of the nearest tasting room.