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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 6 Spoilers: 7 Sneak Peek Clues

Are you desperate to know what's next on Pretty Little Liars Season 4, now that Hanna is in big trouble with the law? Us too. Fortunately, the sneak peeks for Season 4, Episode 6: "Under the Gun" (July 16, 2013) give us a few clues about what's coming up on the episode.

Hanna goes home. If you were worried Hanna would spend the whole episode in jail, this sneak peek will make you feel slightly better. In it, she's at home, and both of her parents are there to help deal with the situation. That said, she is still "in a lot of trouble"; clearly, even though she's been allowed to go home, she's not out of the woods yet.

Caleb wants to help. Of course Caleb comes running to comfort Hanna, but her dad isn't having it. "The less people she speaks to, the better" he declares. PLL, why must you break our Haleb hearts so?

More about Ms. Grunwald. In this clip, Spencer has learned more about mysterious sorority house mother Ms. Grunwald. Namely, that she used to disappear for hours at a time, only to reappear as if she'd never left the house. Spencer, naturally, thinks she may have been having some long chats with Ali in the secret room, and wants to learn more.

Emily is mad at Spencer. Emily, however, doesn't seem that interested in hearing what Spencer has to say. Is she still mad about their fight last week, or is something else causing her to brush off her friend?

Aria tries her hand at tutoring. In this sneak peek, Aria is apparently helping one of Mike's friends with his English paper. We're always amazed that the Liars manage to do everyday things like help out other high schoolers while also trying to battle "A"!

Mike is not pleased. Mike, however, is not impressed, and gives Aria some intense attitude. Looks like their relationship is still pretty rocky.

Hello, Ravenswood! Finally, in this sneak peek we see Spencer and Toby visit the creepy, bizzaro town of Ravenswood, which will be the location of the new Pretty Little Liars spinoff. We can't wait to see more!

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Catch the episode on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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