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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight? Exclusive

We don’t understand why Desiree Hartsock has to send any of her four remaining hunks home tonight on Hometown Dates. Seriously: What’s wrong with choosing all of them. Yes to love! Yes to love with four men! Yes to brother husbands!

Unfortunately, though, we can’t all live like the fantasy version of Chris Harrison we’ve created in our minds, and Des has to drop a dude tonight on the July 15 episode of The Bachelorette. Which, you know, totally sucks.

So, who goes home tonight? Is it Drew Kenney? He told Desiree on Episode 7 that he can’t wait for her to come and meet his mentally handicapped sister — and she was overwhelmed by his openness and sincerity. But is it too much?

Could Chris Siegfried’s entire family greet Des with a round robin rhyming couplet attack? He has been pretty free with his poetry, and we would understand (and totally scoop him up and keep him for ourselves) if it all got to be a lot for her.

Or maybe it’s Brooks Forester’s 10 siblings, their significant others, his parents, and his yellow plaid shirt that make Des head for the hills. We bet that dinner takes forever before everyone gets food on their plates. And while Des is likely a seasoned pro after not finishing a meal on any of her Bachelorette dates, there’s only so much waiting someone can take (right, Sean Lowe?).

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From what we’ve seen, Zak Waddell’s family is even more attractive than his freshly-lotioned abs. Just imagine the pressure of hanging out with people that pretty for the rest of your life. While we think it would be completely glorious to bask in their white-teethed beauty, it could be that Des isn’t quite feeling his vibe.

So whose family does him in? According to Reality Steve, it is indeed Zak who Des sends home tonight. A source confirmed exclusively to Wetpaint that the gift-giving crooner is indeed the one who peaces out back to Texas post-Hometown dismissal. We have so many feelings about this, we need to go write about it in a journal we pasted together to look like the one he gave Des.

And just to show how mad we are, we’re going to use inspiration from Des’s bottle-poem-writing session with Chris to reflect our feelings. What rhymes with “polluting the ocean with a bottle full of nonsense”?

Source: Reality Steve