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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Finally Emerges: How’s Her Post-Baby Body? — Report

It’s time to take a break from Royal Baby Watch 2013 because American princess Kim Kardashian has been spotted out for the first time since giving birth on July 15! Guess she finally broke out of that closet mom Kris Jenner’s had her locked in for the past month...

In the last few days, Kim’s supposedly been cruising the streets of Southern California, avoiding the paparazzi (so far) by hanging out in her nanny’s car. One lucky onlooker, however, got a peek at the new mom and says Kim “looks amazing.”

“She’s dropped a lot of the baby weight already,” the source told Radar Online. “Not to say she still doesn’t have a ways to go, but she looked slim and was glowing.” Um thanks? Seeing as Kim just gave life to a whole other living being, maybe we should cut her some slack on fitting back into her elastic jumpsuits? Maybe then she’d be more inclined to listen to sister Khloe and come out of hiding for good.

Speaking of that other living being, it sounds as if baby North joined Mom in her newfound freedom though Kim was careful to keep Nori away from prying eyes.

“Kim and her helper kept a blanket over North’s car seat so nobody could catch a glimpse,” the backhanded complimenter told Radar Online. Seeing as dad Kanye West has been adamant about keeping North out of the limelight, we think that little girl might be spending a lot of time under blankets in the next few months.

Source: Radar Online