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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: “Under the Gun”

Free Hanna’s mom! In this week’s Pretty Little Liars episode (Season 4, Episode 6: "Under the Gun"), Spencer shoots the breeze at a beauty parlor, Shana fiddles around with the Liars, and Mike gets into the car detailing business.

Wherein Emily Learns Why You Don’t Leave DVDs Lying Around

Perhaps this week’s biggest mystery came in the form of Shana constantly popping up everywhere. First, she transfers to Rosewood and snags Em’s spot on the swim team. Then, she gets spotted in Ravenswood before hopping into Jenna’s car. Finally, we see her channeling her inner violin prodigy at The Brew’s open mic. That is one busy girl.

We're now wondering how “A” got the Emily mask, which we see in the video that the cops have. Does this mean Hector the mask-maker is working with “A” or perhaps he’s still in contact with Ali? Yet another reason why you don’t let creepy dudes make molds of your face.

Wherein Spencer Makes a New Pal at the Beauty Salon

The first rule of common decency is that you never interrupt a person while they’re getting their hair done. (Okay, maybe that’s not the first rule of common deceny, but it’s definitely in the top 25 or so.) So we can understand why the mysterious Ms. Grunwald was testy when the self-proclaimed Human Bulldozer started grilling her.

Still, this grumpy former sorority house mother definitely has some secrets and so does that creepy town. Yeesh. What happened there? And how is Ms. Grunwald connected to Ali? Come to think of it, we should probably stop asking questions, or else that gardener will come after us with his pruning shears.

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Wherein Aria Checks Out the Guys’ Locker Room

If there’s one thing that can be said for Mike Montgomery, it’s that he’s not a big fan of doing things in moderation. First, he shuns Aria for tutoring his friend Connor, and then he seemingly bashes up Connor’s car for spreading rumors about Aria. Long story short: Given how many cars have been banged up on this show, we assume auto insurance rates in Rosewood are astronomical.

The episode not only gave us the first sweet Aria-Mike scene in quite some time, but it also briefly brought Ezra and Aria together for a nice stairway scene. Looks like they’re on the road to reconciliation! (No offense, Jake — wherever you are.)

Wherein Hanna Trades Places with Her Mom

We’re glad Hanna is out of the slammer, but we’re now even more worried about her mom. Ms. Marin claims Wilden grabbed the gun, but then why were her fingerprints on the bullets? And we liked that Hanna and her dad had a nice moment on the stairs, but we still think her dad is hiding something.


— Shana has always been a bit spooky, but never more so than this week, when she enrolls at Rosewood and then bails from Ravenswood in Jenna’s car. Is this really related to Melissa having left the country? And what does Shana mean when she says Jenna told her things about Emily? Maybe it’s another hint about “that night” when Emily was drugged?

Credit: Adam Rose/ABC Family    

We thought the only place we’d never want to live is Rosewood... that is, until we got a peek at Ravenswood in all of its freaky-deaky glory. What the heck is going on there, with the suicidal ravens, old-timey cars, weird angel statue, and sappy piped-in music? And why is it Shana’s favorite hangout spot? If we were Obama, our first move would be napalming that town right off the map.

Spencer is convinced that Ms. Grunwald had some connection to Ali, but Mrs. G claims otherwise. So are we to assume that Shana got to her, as Spencer suggests? We keep thinking CeCe is behind the mysterious sorority phone calls, so we’re waiting for CeCe to pop back up one of these days.

Mona still has plenty of secrets, so we have to wonder how involved she still is with “A.” Would she be the one trying to get Hanna’s mom in trouble? That said, Mona is so much fun to watch that we’d sooner have her in an episode than not. Gotta love her sass!

What exactly did Hanna’s mom do to Wilden? She claims Wilden grabbed Tom’s gun out of her hands and that she ran away but is this true? We’re basically 100% sure Ms. Marin didn’t kill Wilden, since that would be too obvious at this point, but we still don’t know exactly what she was up to.

We see someone in an Emily mask on the police video, and then a masked person breaks into the car at the end of the episode so who did it, and where are they going on this joy ride? And why the heck didn’t Emily just hand the DVD to the police, rather than leaving it alone on the desk? We can't get why these girls would still be underestimating A.

Other Things That Need to Be Discussed:

How amazing was that epic staredown in the locker room between Ezra and Connor? To be honest, our lifelong dream is to have Ezra stare that intensely at us just for one brief moment. Sigh.

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