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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Taylor Armstrong on Brandi Glanville’s Wild Night: “I Am Concerned About Her”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is concerned about costar Brandi Glanville's recent wild night of drunken fun.

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It is an image we will never be able to wipe away from our mind, the sight of Brandi hanging on a guy, showing her underwear, and flashing the iconic nip slip. Brandi has since taken to Twitter to defend her night of revelry from all the haters.

"I got drunk with my gays its not murder, everyone kept sending us drinks. I was being polite," Brandi Glanville tweeted. When that didn't work for some people, Brandi decided to keep addressing the night in a Twitter tirade. One fan called the night a "wake up call," to which Brandi responded: "Thank u and agree, I forgot that my every move is watched, I was letting go with my gays...I f**ked up,” Brandi wrote.

Another fan played the mom card. "Agree, but the boys were at their dads I’m allowed to f**k up #justsaying," Brandi responded. "When ur PERFECT and make all the right decisions ALL if [sic] the time, and don't have at least a bit of cellulite on ur ass, get back 2 me," Brandi tweeted.

And now Taylor is speaking out about the situation. "I'm glad it wasn't me!" Taylor told In Touch about Brandi's embarrassing photos. "Absolutely I am concerned about her. I know what it's like to go through a challenging time and to make decisions that are not necessarily the best thing for you. She and I are not that close for me to be disseminating advice to her, but I know that she probably is not feeling great about things right now and that's a tough place to be."

With Taylor reportedly downgraded to a recurring "Friend of the Housewives" status this season, she says she is focusing on other things in her life. "I have taken a a bit of a step back," she admitted. "I have been more focused on Kennedy and my family and kind of putting my new life in priority." The priorities also include a man, attorney John Bluher, whom she met while healing from her former husband Russell Armstrong's tragic suicide.

Source: In Touch