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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa and Joe Giudice Head to Hot Tub After Explosive Family Fight (VIDEO)

Everyone processes things differently, and as clear proof of that point we’d like to take a closer look at what Teresa Giudice and her hubby, Joe, do after making it out of the explosive fight with Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife Melissa.

While an enraged Melissa and Joe are busy packing their bags so they can say “buh-bye” to this crazy retreat, Teresa and her man are getting ready for some couple’s time in the hot tub in their hotel room.

We totally agree that may sound crazy, but after Tre explains the rationale for her little bathtub romp to the Bravo cameras, we can kind of see where she’s coming from. Maybe.

“After the day we had today, we definitely need this,” Teresa says from the tub as a waiter pops open a bottle of champagne.

“Tonight was absolutely exhausting to me. Sexy time relieves a lot of stress. My husband was defending my honor so I’m going to give him a little ‘bow chicka wow wow,’” she explains.

Like we said, everyone deals with a crisis differently! Check out the sneak peek below to see Teresa and Joe’s fun times in the hot tub.