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The Bachelor

AshLee Frazier Admits She Uses Botox, Weight-Loss Injections!?

We’ve always been jealous of Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor Season 17 AshLee Frazier for her good looks and flawlessness, and wondered how some people get so lucky. Homegirl is adopted, so it’s not like we got some insight into her genetic blessings when she brought Seanie by her Texas backyard dining room table. But we think it’s all starting to make a little more sense now thanks to Ash’s July 19 Instagram pic.

Credit: Instagram    

Capital L posted a pic of a consent form from the Antiage Institute in Houston for a weight-loss injection, and a picture of a Botox box with three syringes just hanging out next to them. “Happy Friday to me! Best B shot in town, Antiage Institute. Tell them I sent you for extra love. #loveit#obsessed,” AshLee captioned the revealing picture.

Wow, it’s all making sense now: That’s why she could only give Sean a stony-faced stare down when he eliminated her in Thailand. Consider our minds blown. But hey, if girlfriend looks as gorgeous as she does, maybe we should take her super hashtaggy advice to heart.

Would you consider getting injections for weight loss and “anti-aging”? Weigh in below with your thoughts on getting hotter, one needle at a time.

Source: Instagram