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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Which Characters Should Get Killed Off?

On True Blood’s most recent episode, we were left wondering if either Pam or Eric would meet their True Death at the hands of one another! Obviously, no fan wants that to happen, but we thought we’d ask you which characters you would be OK with losing.

We’ve already speculated which main character would bite it before the end of Season 6, but now we want to know from our readers: who would you be okay with leaving the show? Can you imagine a True Blood without one of its main characters?

At this point, we’re not sure we’d miss Sam Merlotte, Terry Bellefleur, Billith, or even Jason Stackhouse and his hot bod. We’ve heard from a few fans who say they’d be okay with Alcide dying (say is isn’t so!!!). And some faithful watchers who won’t watch the show without Sookie. How about you?

Sound off in the comments and let us know which True Blood character (or even characters!) you wouldn’t miss.