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Survivor Winner Kim Spradlin Is Pregnant With First Child

If Charlie Sheen hadn't already stolen (and ruined) "winning!" it could apply well to Kim Spradlin.

The San Antonio, Texas bridal shop owner dominated Survivor: One World in 2012, winning $1 million and the title of Player of the Season.

After that, she married her boyfriend Bryan Wolfe in Cabo. And now she's revealed she's pregnant with their first child, and the baby is due on her own birthday, January 30.

Kim gave People an update on how the pregnancy is going so far. “Now that I’m not vomiting every half hour, I really am thrilled,” she joked. “No, but seriously, we’re ecstatic!”

Congrats to the growing family! Now if she can just clear up that misunderstanding with the DMV...

Source: People