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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tamra Barney Shares Text From First Husband, Calls Him “S**t Crazy”

The drama between Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and first husband Darren Vieth continues.

Tamra says that she received a text from ex-husband Darren on July 19, and she has taken to Facebook to share the text with the rest of the world.

Tamra and Darren's issues went public this week when Darren who got divorced from Tamra in 1990 told Radar Online that Tamra was a "bad mother" to their son, Ryan, and that she gave misleading comments on a recent Real Housewives episode about his role in her first suicide attempt.

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Here's what Darren texted Tamra: "Next time, don't include me or try to ruin my reputation for your fame. I have received numerous call from people I work with, family and friends about how I drove you to attempting suicide. If you continue, I will take action."

As you can imagine, Tamra didn't appreciate this.

"In his tiny brain, he thought I was blaming him for my suicide attempt over 20 years ago," Tamra writes on Facebook. "I never blamed anyone but my self for my actions. I never said you were a bad husband. I never said you were a bad father. I said we had a bad marriage and the divorce was hard on me."

Tamra claims that Darren actually called him after the episode aired to say he would "always love" her. She says he then texted her days before her wedding to Eddie Judge, asking why he wasn't invited.

"Leave me alone and go on with your sad lonely life," she adds in the Facebook message to Darren, calling him "s**t crazy."

Somehow, we doubt this is the last we'll be hearing about this rift.

Source: Tamra's Facebook