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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner And Family Hit With $20 Million Lawsuit

The Kardashian kids seem to be locked in an endless cycle of lawsuits and countersuits with their late father’s last wife, Ellen Pearson, but the Kardashians apparently took things too far when they trashed their former stepmom on their reality TV show!

A recent episode of KUWTK showed Kris Jenner breaking down over abuse rumors that made headlines after Ellen leaked Robert Kardashian’s alleged journals to a tabloid. Kim went after Ellen with a private investigator, and in the end they served “slippery snake” Ellen with legal papers.  

Ellen didn’t take that lying down, and according to the National Enquirer she has asked the court for permission to file a $20 million dollar lawsuit against the Kardashians, accusing them of lying about her and faking their reality TV show. The court papers, which the Enquirer has apparently gotten a good hard look at, address the  “shameful rewrit­ing of history by the Kardashian siblings, at the direction and behest of Kris Jenner.”

We’re pretty sure it’s well understood at this that reality TV is pretty fake, but OK, Ellen. You go ‘head.

In the papers, Ellen calls Kris an “atrocious” mother to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, and “a manipulative and devious mother and ex-wife who simply used and exploited her children and family.”

That doesn’t mean that the Kardashian kids got off easy! In her filing, Ellen reportedly says that they don’t have “meaningful careers or professions” and “subsist on exposing their perverse private affairs to the world,” like “unorthodox sexual acts, extramarital affairs, sex tapes and out-of-wedlock child birth.”

Now we didn’t go to law school or anything, but can you sue people for that? Sure, you may disapprove of the way the Kardashians live their lives, but just because they’re rich and privileged doesn’t mean they’re doing anything illegal. Also, having babies while being unmarried isn’t perverse. This is 2013.

But according to Ellen, the “lies” they told about her in KUWTK are defamatory, and she “believes that the damage inflicted on her by Kris and the show is worth at least $20 mil­lion.”

“She wants to really make them pay for what they’ve done to her.”

But will they?! Only time will tell! But something tells us this plotline on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is far from played out. 

Source: National Enquirer