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The Bachelorette

Season 9 Men Tell All: Top 3 Most Surprising Moments

The Bachelorette's Men Tell All Special was basically two solid hours of jaw-drops and OMGs, and we're still recovering from the drama. Not only did Chris Harrison grill Desiree Hartsock's former lovers, the bros got into heated fights, weaves were snatched all over the place, and the entire audience collectively finger-wagged James Case. Oh, and shockingly no one burned themselves on Chris' sea of decorative twinkle candles.

We've rounded up the three biggest surprises of the special for you to look back on!

Dan Accuses Ben Of Cheating On His Ex!

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

We couldn't believe our eyes when Dan Cox — you remember, Dan? Nope? Okay then — accused Desiree's public enemy number one, Ben Scott, of being a terrible father. According to Dan, Ben's baby mama, Stevie, approached him in Las Vegas and confessed that Ben's an absent dad / cheater — which he vehemently denied. The really crazy part? Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Stevie, who confirmed that Ben's a great father and that he never cheated!

Chris Harrison Unveils The Promo To End All Promos

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Our jaws are still on the floor thanks to The Bachelorette's epic finale promo, which premiered during the Men Tell All special and featured Desiree and her three remaining lovers frolicking around the island of Antigua with a bunch of innocent sea creatures. Oh, and it also featured Desiree weeping inconsolably all over Chris Harrison, because apparently her heart was shattered into a million pieces. We can't even talk about this promo without spiraling into a panicked frenzy, so do yourself a favor and check it out here!

Bryden Gets Off Scott-Free

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We thought for sure that Bryden Vukasin would be grilled by Chris Harrison about his decision to break up with Des and leave The Bachelorette early, but nope. Despite the fact that he left our beloved Desiree crying on the streets of Germany, Bryden wasn't asked to explain his behavior. Which means we're going to have to continue tweeting at him until he answers our questions. Why, Bryden, WHY?

What moments during the MTA had you the most surprised? Hit the comments and add to this list!