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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals’ Daniel Gillies on Elijah’s Love Life at Comic-Con 2013

Some people gave Elijah (Daniel Gillies) the side-eye when they found out he was in love with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) on The Vampire Diaries. During the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Daniel Gillies spoke with reporters about where Elijah will be in his love life on The Originals and whether the new baby will bring the Original siblings closer.

How will the baby affect Elijah and Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) relationship? Will it bring them closer?

Daniel Gillies: It’s always the question isn’t it? I think things with Klaus always get worse before they get better; let’s put it that way. I think it’s going to be strained and then I think they’re going to spend a good deal of the first season trying to rekindle their alliance.

Do you think Elijah will act as a protector for Klaus?

Yes, but I mean, Klaus is kind of... I mean, he’s impossible to destroy but, yes, I do think that if anything he will be a protector from himself.

Is Elijah going to get a love interest?

I would say so; he’s too horny!