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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Heather Dubrow Tweets Sneak Peek at Her New Home

In Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 16, Heather Dubrow and husband Terry looked at a lot where they planned to build their future home. It was large enough for a 17,000-square-foot home with 35-foot ceilings. That’s an upgrade from their last house, which they designed and built to have 23-foot ceilings and was only 15,000-square-feet.

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Heather and Terry are still in the midst of planning the new house, but she tweeted a photo of the model. It looks pretty stately, even in miniature form!

Her last home had seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, marble floors, vaulted ceilings, several fireplaces, an outdoor pool with a view, impeccably manicured lawns, and a home movie theater. It sold for $16.45 million. Not bad for someone just walking in off the street to make them an offer.

Since showing the preview of the front of the house, Heather also showed the backyard, which is complete with an amazingly huge pool. We know where the party will be taking place.

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And about that huge balcony on the second floor, we're hoping that is leading out from her bedroom so she and Terry can have some romantic evenings acting out Romeo and Juliet. Seriously, who wouldn't want to do that?

Heather didn’t give the measurements of the new home (a lady never tells), but even with their four kids, we’re guessing there’s still room for us to move in. Right, Heather?

Source: Instagram