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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 4 Spoilers: “I Don’t Need You” (PHOTO)

Once Upon a Time Season 3 doesn’t premiere until September 29, but we already have a tidbit about what’s happening in Episode 4.

After Adam Horowitz dished that there would be a big confrontation in the episode, he revealed another big spoiler yesterday on Twitter. Though it was zoomed in (per usual) and we don’t know which character he’s talking about, we can make out a handful of words: “—ng to live” (fighting to live?); “I don’t need you Ne—” (Neal? Neverland?); “feet running;” and “—an who he” (plan who he?).

Though all of them sound exciting, the most jarring one is “I don’t need you.” If it is, in fact, Emma or Rumplestiltskin talking to Neal, this is huge. While we’re unsure how Neal would have gotten from the Enchanted Forest (where he was last seen, barely breathing, with Aurora, Mulan, and Philip), it would be exciting to see a family reunion — especially if they are able to save Henry.

Given that this is four episodes in, we wouldn’t be surprised to see big plot movements like this. Plus, co-creator Eddy Kitsis told Wetpaint Entertainment at Comic-Con that “Neverland is a place where magic comes from — it’s a place of imagination, it’s a place of belief,” which hints that big things can happen there, perhaps more than we’ve ever seen before. “I think this year is definitely going to be more magical,” he added.

We’re definitely intrigued, anxious to see what what’s ahead. Do you think Neal will come to Neverland? Check out the spoilery photo, and then sound off below!

Credit: Adam Horowitz's Twitter