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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: ABC Should Shake Things Up By Casting One of These Guys

Look, guys, let’s be honest: Sometimes, as much as we love The Bachelor, it gives us a toothache. Seriously. Gone are the days when the rogue bad boy was cast as the lead, when the finale outcome was anybody’s guess, and when the guy handing out roses didn’t mind being seen as a jerk. And as much as we love to project our emotions on the screen and pretend we’re getting a sweet Neil Lane ring at season’s end, we’re ready for a change.

So, as ABC prepares to choose the Bachelor for Season 18 (OMG. EIGHTEEN!), we have a few suggestions for which guys they could pick if they want to shake things up. Remember, y’all, we’re not saying that we would want to marry any of these guys, just that it would certainly make the show more interesting, and could keep us from spending the episodes just naming abdominal muscles and mainlining Boone Farms fuzzy navel.

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1. James Case

Whether he said he wanted the job while on The Bachelorette 2013 or not, James Case has since said he wouldn’t mind taking it. But when asked at “Men Tell All” if he’d take the job, James said, "My father is very sick … but it would be very life-changing for sure, and it would be something I'd have to consult my family and friends to see if it was something I'd want to do. I'm trying to find love too; that's why I came on the show."

Do we believe him? Yeeeeeah. Maybe? Yeah. Probably. If he really wants love, it would be nice to have him up there. He’s attractive, charming, and really likes wearing purple shirts: All qualities we want in a future husband. Plus, if any of the girls aren’t there for the right reasons, the tell-off scenes would be epic.

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2. Ben Scott

Homeskillz already called out to the cameras during his Germany limo exit, chiding them for not having the “single dad from Texas” as the next Bachelor. But what Ben Scott lacks in his ability to just play nice, he sure makes up for it in attractiveness. Obviously, we’d need to burn his tank tops before he was allowed to even touch a rose, but just think of how entertaining it would all be! His ladies would have to be super fun, super competitive, and cool with being the third most attractive person in Ben’s family (hi Brody!), so you know it would be an entertaining crop.

Would we watch? Definitely. Even if it wasn’t our job, that season would be incredible. And Ben would have to be honest with himself and with the ladies if he wanted a future with any of them. Would he ever be picked? Not if the Bachelor continues to be a Boy Scout, but a redemption story would be a nice twist on a staid concept.

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3. Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

Please? Please and thanks. We’re betting ABC would have to black out like half of the episodes because of the graphic nature of all the hot and heaviness tied to Bachelorette Season 8 “Kissing Bandit” Arie Luyendyk, Jr. And, um, maybe move the show to a cable network. After 11pm. On Fridays. But who cares?! We’re just gonna say it now: If producers were willing to spend half their lives cutting out the “scary parts” and letting the magnanimous-mouthed adrenaline junkie pass out some flowers, we’d be glued to our screen like it was Magic Mike in slow-mo.

What do you think: Would you watch with one of these hotties as the Bachelor, or do you want another “bring home to mama” type on the next season of the show?

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07.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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