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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Who Fell Off Forbes’s Money List?

In case you weren't feeling bad enough about your lack of money and success, Forbes is here with a new list of multimillionaire celebs under 30. Thanks, Forbes!

Last year, Taylor Swift topped the list of highest-earning celebs under 30 with a total take of $57 million, followed by Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc. Kristen Stewart was the highest-paid actress, landing at #7 with her $34.5 million.

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This year, Lady Gaga is on top with a whopping $80 million, despite having to cancel part of her Born This Way Ball Tour so she could have hip surgery. Since the list includes money made from June 2012 to June 2013, it includes the final Twilight film.

Kristen is still on the list, but down at #9 with $22 million, behind Jennifer Lawrence. Kristen’s Twilight beau (and real-life ex) Robert Pattinson was #10 on last year's list, tying fellow Twilight star Taylor Lautner with $26.5 million. Now Taylor L. is still on the list — tied with KStew's $22 million — but Rob was bumped. Sorry, man! Chances are he almost made the cut, and he'll probably find a way to rise above his anguish.

Here's the new top 10 list:

1. Lady Gaga, $80 million

2. Justin Bieber, $58 million

3. Taylor Swift, $55 million

4. Calvin Harris, $46 million

5. Rihanna, $43 million

6. Katy Perry, $39 million

7. Adele, $30 million

8. Jennifer Lawrence, $26 million

9. Kristen Stewart, $22 million

10. Taylor Lautner, $22 million

Are you surprised by the list? Does it inspire you or just make you sad for our culture that we’re giving so much money to pop stars and actors?

Source: Forbes