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Bones Season 9 Spoiler: Will Brennan and Booth Get Hitched This Season?

It's safe to say that things between Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) didn't end well at the end of Season 8, but executive producers Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton say there will be wedding bells this season!

However, it seems like the road to the altar will be a bumpy one for the couple. When asked what the state of Booth and Brennan's relationship will be when Season 9 picks up, Ian says, "It's not an ideal situation. They're not the couple we want them to be."

But don't worry, all will eventually work out. "Yes, they are getting married this season," Hart says. "I expect everyone will say, 'well is it a trick, is it a dream'? It is not a trick, it is not a dream, they will have a wedding and get married this season."

YAY! Let's mark our calendars for...

"I'm not telling you when," Hart continued. "That's my one shred of self dignity." OK, so they're not sending us the "Save the Date" card yet, but what type of wedding will it be? Well, we don't have that answer either, but, as you know, it's going to have to be a special wedding for a very special TV couple.

Source: TV Line