Credit: Catherine Giudici on Instagram    
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The Bachelor

Are Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Still Together?

According to Reality Steve, his blondness and fiancée Catherine Giudici are still going strong. “Sean got engaged to Catherine on Nov. 17th in Thailand and he’s been with her ever since,” RS confirmed earlier this year.

And that's still holding true judging from the pair's never-ending stream of photos and tweets the love-struck pair share with us fans. Yes, the pair did postpone their nuptials until next year but that's only because post-Bachelor life has been so crazy what with Sean shaking his groove thing on Dancing With The Stars

Now that the show's wrapped, Sean and Cat are spending the summer traveling the country, holding hands, and being true love ambassadors for Bachelor Nation.

Phew! That's a relief! While some of you are probably shaking your fists at the heavens wishing that ab-alicious lad was single, we’re pretty stoked that SeanCat's still going strong. Now just to plan that wedding! 

Source: Reality Steve

Credit: Catherine Giudici on Instagram    

It's only been a few months since we found out the answer to the question we've been wondering all of our lives: who Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe will choose to be his fiancée in the finale. Now the better question is are those crazy kids still engaged? So, many of you are like “Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter, CATHERINE OR LINDSAY!” and we’re more “Are they together at all?”

So, are they? Is Sean still staring through his see-through eyelashes at his beautiful maybe-bride-to-be? Does she stroke his rosy skin while he runs his hands through her long hair, chastely of course... Yes.