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The Vampire Diaries

What Will Klaus Name His Baby? Joseph Morgan Reveals His Pick at 2013 Comic-Con

TV Fanatic caught up with the cast of The Originals at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, where Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, and Phoebe Tonkin dished on what we can expect in terms of romance and supernatural parenting.

While Holt revealed that the “mutually beneficial” relationship between Rebekah and Matt will come to an end, Morgan was more focused on what kind of parent Klaus will be. As Morgan put it, Klaus will be a “domineering” and “strict” parent, not to mention “possessive and incredibly protective.”

We can’t even begin to imagine what Klaus will do to protect his child, particularly because Morgan claims Klaus is still the antagonist, and he won’t be softening anytime soon.

What he will be doing, however, is thinking up baby names. Morgan’s suggestion? Beetroot Cyborg Mikaelson. (Sounds like someone’s been taking cues from real-life daddy-to-be Daniel Gillies!)

Tonkin, on the other hand, didn’t have any baby names in mind just yet. Rather, she was more focused on the dangerous situation Hayley will find herself in during pregnancy, which Phoebe claims will allow her character to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

In terms of romance, Phoebs sees Klaus and Hayley as protective parents, but nothing more. We’re sure Klaroline fans would agree.

What are your baby name suggestions? NiKlaus Jr., anyone?