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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky’s Boyfriend Gives Her a Unique Gift: Cute or Terrifying?

Ali Fedotowsky is head over heels in love with new boyfriend Kevin Manno, which means that when he gives her an insane gift, she thinks it’s adorbs. You know, like if (for instance), he decapitates a pair of stuffed animals, sews them back together, and then gives them to you... How sweet, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened with Ali and Kevin when he gifted her a rather bizarre gift: A Panda/Dog hybrid. How did it come about? Um, Ali explained it all to People at the premiere of her new movie Blue Jasmine. "We were on a hike on Mulholland, and we saw this dog that looked like a panda, so we started calling it 'Pand-Dog-Bear.’”

Credit: Instagram    

Okay, fair enough. But how did it get to the point that Kev needed to take this inside joke into outward representation? "[W]e started making jokes about it,” Ali explains. “And for a gift he got a stuffed dog animal, and a stuffed panda animal. He decapitated them both, actually sewed the heads onto the other bodies, and he gave me one, and he kept the other. And they are now our 'Pand-Dog-Bears'!"

Um. True love. As we’ve discovered since scrolling his Instagram, Kevin loves Photoshop, and frequently makes hilarious mashups of random glory. It was only a matter of time til he took to scissors.

As for what Ali thinks? She loves it. “A decapitated stuffed animal is real love!' It was the sweetest, most romantic gift that I have ever received,” Ali told People. And she still feels that way.I still think this is the most adorable, thoughtful gift ever! :),” she tweeted on July 29.

What do you think: Is this the most terrifying gift ever, or is it as sweet and “thoughtful” as Ali says it is?

Source: People / Instagram / Twitter