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Teen Mom

Who Is Courtland Rogers’s New Girlfriend, Ashley Meeks? (PHOTO)

Have y’all heard the good (read: terrifying) news? Courtland Rogers has officially busted out of the clink and is wreaking havoc on the North Carolina streets, rebel flag tattoo and all. But the Bonnie to his Clyde is no longer Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans.

Courty B and Jenelley split back when they were arrested on April 23 for drug possession and simple assault. Now the estranged semi-newlyweds enjoy bashing each other on Twitter and spending quality time with other significant others.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, you know that Little J has been shacking up with studly part-time underwear model Nathan Griffith. And we started noticing that ever since Courtland’s triumphant return to Twitter, he’s been tweeting up a new little lady named Ashley Meeks.

Credit: Twitter    

Before you assume this is just another rando who only wants Courty for his good looks and excellent decision making, think again! Ash is actually the offspring of Angela Cain. That’s right, the Angela Cain who served as the local bail bonds agent for Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 in Season 4 after Barbara Evans refused to bail out our girl. Talk about a small world!

And since Ash and Courtland seem to be getting friendlier and friendlier these days, Angie may have also worked with the tattooed tough guy on his latest charges.

Shocker of all shockers, this little lady is also a mother to son Teegan Derrick (apparently Courtland’s got a thing for teen moms), but we’re most terrified by the fact that she let her little one sit in Courtland’s lapespecially in the wake of reports that he acquired a pesky case of scabies in jail.

Ash just turned 18 this July so technically everything is legal, but we have to question her sanity for getting frisky with a corrupt character like Courty. But who knows, maybe this lovesick lady is just the kick C.R. needs to get his life back on track. She did actually graduate high school, so she’s already a cut above most of his ladies.

What do you think of Ashley and Courtland as a couple? Tell us below!