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Son Buys His 70-Year-Old Mom a Mercedes for Her Birthday — So Heartwarming! (VIDEO)

Someday we hope to repay our parents for all that they did and still do for us. We never understood how much they sacrificed for us kids until we were old enough to reflect on all the things we had taken for granted over the years. One son decided it was finally time to show his mom his appreciation, so he bought her a Mercedes, obvs.

“I’m now sitting in the Mercedes-Benz waiting for my mom to arrive,” the man says in the video. “She just turned 70 and she raised six kids on her own, did a great job — well, at least with me. Maybe with the other one’s too. We all ended up pretty decent. So I want to thank her for her 70th birthday by getting her a Mercedes. She has no idea, she’ll be here any minute thinking I’m dropping my car off for service, and we’ll see what happens when she gets here.”

The man takes his mom over to see his own car that’s “getting serviced,” but he also wants her to check out the car he’s considering buying for the winter. As soon as his mom sees the white Mercedes, she says, “Oh, I want this one,” to which her son responds, “Doesn’t everyone.”

Credit: YouTube    

She sits in the front seat and immediately states, “This is my car.”

“It is your car. Happy Birthday.”

The ultimate thanks comes in the form of sudden, happy tears. Lots of them. The woman holds her head in her hands and sobs. This is the moment we all dream of for our parents, isn’t it? That moment when all their hard work pays off. They’ll tell us the best gift we can ever give is to grow up to be decent human beings, but what about after? That’s definitely a great gift, we’re sure, but they deserve so much more than just that.

There is a disclaimer below the video that talks about how the son was able to afford such an extravagant gift, which reads, “I'm in sales/run my own company. I work 60+ hours during the week (and some more on the weekends if need be). I have worked my butt off so I can afford to do this and help out those close to me.”

This is a beautiful gift for whom we’re sure must be a very loving and deserving woman. Our happiest wishes to the both of them, and happy belated birthday!

Source: YouTube

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07.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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