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The Bachelorette

Why Chris Harrison Didn’t Tell Desiree Hartsock She Picked the Wrong Guy

Seeing a friend fall head-over-heels for a guy who’s totally not on the same page is like watching a car crash in slow motion. There’s your friend let’s call her Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock happily driving along, Taylor Swift blasting, when all of a sudden slam wham bam she's blindsided by a semi-truck called heartbreak! It’s the worst (well, after being dumped).

And right now no one knows this better than Chris Harrison. Just imagine how he felt witnessing Des speed toward what she thought was a happily ever after with Brooks Forester but what Chris knew was actually a solid wall built of broken hearts.

“It’s tough because I care about Des and I knew for a fact that she was in love with the guy,” the host told ABC News on July 30, “and I knew he was going to crush her and just devastate her which is what happened.”

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To make matters even worse, it wasn’t like Christopher could take Des aside and real talk her into accepting Brooks’ seeming indifference.

“When I would sit with her in the deliberation room, it’s not my job to say, ‘You’re crazy! He doesn’t love you!’ or ‘He’s not that into you!’” Chris said. “It’s just my job to try and ask the right questions to help her see that.”

Despite a rep as a so-so wingman, Chris isn’t looking to cause drama. He realizes he’s not physically on the dates so “maybe she’s right. Maybe there are things he says and does that [to show his love]. I just don’t know.”

Well now all of America knows and it just sucks, Chris. It just sucks. Particularly because Chris says he and the ABC team had their fingers crossed that Brooks wouldn’t do what he did.

“What we were hoping for [when Brooks visited his mom and sister] was maybe he’d get the affirmation and reassurance he needed. That’s honestly what we thought would happen. But instead, he really just needed to be reassured, ‘Can I walk away from this?’”

Tell us this, Chris: When does the pain stop? When?!

Source: ABC