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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 — “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”

In this week’s recap of Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 8 "The Guilty Girl's Handbook"), Mona schools Hanna in the art of false confessions, Rumer Willis convinces Emily to spend the summer in Central America, and Ashley Marin continues to prove that orange really is the new black.

Wherein Hanna Picks Out the Best Outfit to Wear When Confessing to Murder

Hanna goes full on kamikaze this week, hatching a crazy (or is it inspired?) plan to confess to Wilden’s murder so her mom can go free. Hanna enlists Mona’s help in preparing for the performance (Mona’s best advice of the night: try to remember how many times you allegedly shot The Wilden). Our fashion-conscious Liar has her confession outfit all picked out before Caleb heads her off. No worries! The multi-scene strategy session doesn’t go to total waste because - in a game of Murder Confession Roulette - Mona confesses to the crime instead! What is your game, Vanderwall? Do you have a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card stashed somewhere on your person?

Wherein Spencer Swaps Cookies For Secrets

While Hanna was busy taking Mona’s Lying to Police Officers 101, Spencer was pulling a different classic Mona move: visiting Radley under the guise of cookie-giving. Spence actually filled her cookie tin with a report from the night of Toby’s mom’s alleged suicide. It turns out our favorite Radley nurse (Eddie Lamb, obviously) was not only working that night, but reported that Marion Cavanaugh jumped from the roof, not the window. Wilden, the officer on duty, changed the police report for some reason. Geez! This guy can’t stop causing problems even after his death. Spencer shows the evidence to her mom who is unimpressed. For someone who is supposed to be the Best Lawyer Ever, Veronica Hastings has really been slacking lately.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    

Wherein Emily Makes Plans to Get the Heck out of Rosewood

Emily may be the smartest of the Liars. She’s been spending some serious energy figuring out how to get as far away from Rosewood as possible. The fact that “A” crashed a car into Emily’s house leaving Emily and her mother more-or-less homeless (fine, they have a rather nice motel room) seems to have only moved up Emily’s timetable. Now, Em is not only concentrating on finding a nice, lovely college with excellent security to move to in the fall, but she’s signed up to spend her summer in Nicaragua with Habitat for Humanity (and her flirty volunteer supervisor, Zoe i.e. Rumer Willis). Well played, Fields. Though maybe you should work on re-building your own house first?

Wherein Aria Convinces Her New Boyfriend to Spy on Her Brother

We can kind of understand Mike’s continuing efforts to get his sister off of his back. Aria’s on him like white on rice. (Maybe she feels guilty about neglecting him for an entire season?) Unfortunately for him, Mike makes the rookie mistake of taking martial arts lessons from Aria’s new boyfriend, Jake. Apparently, Mike and Jake have heart-to-hearts between roundhouse kicks because Jake totally volunteers to play Aria’s long as they can have their next dead drop — er, date — at the movies.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    


— The major clue in tonight’s ep came with the reveal that Wilden had changed the official police report for Toby’s mom death. Could Wilden have played a part in Marion Cavanaugh’s “suicide”? Or did someone else pay Wilden to cover his/her tracks? And does Nurse Eddie Lamb know more than he’s already told Spencer? We hope so. Because we want to see him again.

— Whoever actually drove the car into Emily’s house vamoosed before Emily or the police could catch them. The police seem to think that it was a druggie who crashed the car, then stumbled away from the accident, but we and the Liars know better. Can the car be traced back to “A”? Perhaps the Liars should follow this lead...

— We found out from Caleb’s exposition that Toby was in New York this week, trying to track one of the numbers found in Nigel’s phone. Popular theory in the Rosewood High halls is that it’s Cece, hiding out post-skedaddle from Rosewood. Does Cece know Nigel? Or is someone else waiting for Toby at the end of that phone line?

— Who really killed Wilden? Because we still don’t know. Mona was high on the list of suspects before she turned herself in (unless this is a reverse psychology situation), and she seemed to have no trouble recalling the details of Wilden’s murder when coaching Hanna. Could it really have been Mona? Or perhaps it was Cece? Trouble with mean murder victims like Wilden is they have so many enemies to sort through.

Other Things To Be Discussed:

— Ezra is finally starting to smarten up to the fact that there might be something more going on with the Liars than meets the eye...again. Ezra’s storyline of counseling the non-Aria Liars can only work for so long. Will Ezra act on his suspicions? With Caleb set to leave for Ravenswood, Toby is going to need a new bromantic partner to sleuth with.

— We’re not sure how we felt about Aria’s comic-inspired dress in this week’s episode. We liked what she was going for, but we’re not really sure if she pulled it off. Plus, we’ve never seen Aria read a comic in her life.

— How amazing was Caleb in this episode? Not only did he visit Hanna’s mother in jail, but he also checked in with Spencer to make sure the rest of the Liars were okay - and didn’t take her automatic “okay” as a real answer. And that was on top of what has becoming his defining character trait of never giving up on Hanna. If he keeps this kind of behavior up, we’re going to be in all-out hysterics at his departure.

 What did you think of tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars? Sound off in the comments!

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