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Grey's Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey Says He Wants Grey’s Anatomy to End…

Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) recently made some not-so-nice comments about the show, and though he has since cleared them up, we've been worried about the fate of our favorite medical drama. While he doesn't think Season 10 will be the show's last, he did voice how he thinks the show should end.

When TVLine caught up with Patrick back in October to talk to him about his hopes for the series finale, the actor revealed his hopes for a "simple" series finale. (Have you met Shonda Rhimes, Patrick?) Although we don’t like to think about a life without Grey’s, we don’t disagree with Patrick’s thoughts on how it should end:

“Gosh. I hope it’s not something traumatic like another plane crash or somebody getting run over by a bus. I think [life will] sort of just go on. I think it would just go out very simply — and leave it open for the movie. [Laughs]”

Grey’s is known for its dramatic season finales, but when it comes to the series finale, do you agree with Patrick? Would you like to see the show take a note from other successful dramas (such as ER) and simply have things continue like any other day with the surgeons heading into surgery or gossiping during lunch?

What would you like to be the final scene of Grey’s? The docs at work, at home, at Joe’s? Or is it simply too painful to think about?

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Source: TVLine

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