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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 After the Final Rose: Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried Go Public!

Season 9 is over guys, dunzo, kaput. And while we had our fingers crossed that Brooks Forester would be coming back and surprising Desiree Hartsock with an apology, we can't say we're upset about the big twist with Chris Siegfried getting down on one knee and asking Des to marry him. And during the Season 9 After the Final Rose, Des will have the opportunity to sit down with Brooks, Chris, and Drew Kenney to talk out what went down in the end.

Are you excited to see Brooks and hear what went through his head at the time, what he's thinking now that he's had time to process? Will Chris S feel uncomfortable when he has to sit down with the other two guys nearby? Are they all just taking shots and asking Drew for hair tips in the back room? Things are happening, friends, and we're excited to talk about them. And don't forget — though the first 55 minutes are dedicated to Desiree's dudes, the next Bachelor will be announced at the end. Will it be fan favorite Juan Pablo Galavis? We hope so...

The "After the Final Rose" special kicks off with a white and rhinestone-clad Desiree extolling fiance Chris's virtues to no end, as if to reassure everyone that the whole Brooks thing was just a silly passing fancy.

"He was that man that was always there," Chris Harrison reminded viewers. "What you've seen... he's even more amazing," Des explains.

Des says she never put pressure on having the ending be a proposal, but is that so? It felt like the reason Brooks left was that he wasn't ready to propose, that he wasn't in love yet. But if he could've done it someday... would she have made the same choice? We'll never know, we suppose — or will we?

"He's here with us... he doesn't know about the ending... he doesn't know you're engaged," Chris teases about Brooks. Des starts to cry.

Part Two: Brooks Looks FOOOOOINE

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Brooks looks damn good, a little scruffy... wow.

Des asks why he left, basically, and he explains that toward the end, he started to ask himself the hard questions. He didn't ask them early on, but he struggled with his feelings. "You were very repetitive," Des says of Brooks's drawn out Antigua break up. "I felt like I needed to be there till you dismissed me," he says of the reason for the hours-long pain. "I had days to process it, and wanted to give you the time."

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Chris says "I hope if there's another break up in your life, it goes better than that." Yikes.

And then just to hoist a trophy in Desiree's name, he's like "Brooks, do you even know how this ended?"

Des is like "Oh, yeah, um, I'm engaged to Chris."

And Brooks says, "Oh, yeah, congratulations... I could actually see that."

This is awful.

To stop us from having to endure this any longer, Chris cuts things short. For once, we're glad not to have to watch Brooks any longer...

Part Three: Ladies and Gentlemen, Drew

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Drew looks like a bible salesman in a three-piece suit, but yes, he looks excellent.

"It's a flood of emotions. It really brings things back." He doesn't look her in the eye as he talks to her.

He says he could tell that they were "headed down the road to break up town" (his words) because she seemed warmer toward Chris and closed toward him. He says he was happy that she could shake everything off and "got what you were looking for."

"Of everyone, I know you're so deserving for love," Des says to him. Next Bachelor?

Drew has some questions, starting with "Could I have done anything differently throughout the process that I could have done?" Great question, but no.

Apparently he asked Des when she knew it wasn't him, and she's like "I was just keeping my options open," basically. Though she does confirm that Drew was never really behind the other guys, per se.

Drew says that though he was in love with Des, he's not in love with her now. "I will always be in your corner, I will always be there for you."

"Something tells me, you're going to do okay after this," Chris Harrison teases. Okay, seriously, dude. Are you just messing with us?

Part Four: Des and Chris Are Moving In Together

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Chris appears looking like a cater waiter in a white shirt, black skinny tie, and black suit. Wait. They're not just going to get married, on TV, right now, right? RIGHT?

They kiss and sit close and talk about being "out" and then they watch their proposal, with Des tearing up and Chris smiling proudly.

So, what's next? Well, Des is moving to Seattle (SCORE!) this weekend (DOUBLE SCORE!) and they are getting their own place together. "It started as the end of the year, and then it was like 'as soon as we can.'"

"I actually still don't know the city that well," Chris says, so they'll get to know it together. And then he gives her a framed poem (of course) titled "My Girl" with the rose petals from the dozen roses she gave him. Sorry, romantics, but we can hardly stand this...

Part Five: And the Next Bachelor Is...

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...Juan Pablo Galavis!

The crowd goes wild when Juan Pablo is announced, and he's like "Latin people don't watch the show," and Chris says "Well, they will now." Is it just us, or is there an "or else" at the end of that sentence... It's no secret that The Bachelor has been criticized for the lack of diversity, so the sexy JP(2) is a great way to do that, eh guys?

It should also be noted that this is the first time someone who didn't finish in the final four has been named as the lead....

Well, all we can say is Gracias a Dios. Te amamos, Juan Pablo.