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Robert Pattinson’s Car Seen at Kristen Stewart’s House — Hope For Robsten?

The Robsten plot thickens!

Earlier today (August 5), X17 posted photos showing Robert Pattinson’s car at Kristen Stewart’s Los Feliz house — where he also used to live until they split. Kristen's truck was also there, which would suggest they were both together at the house, although that's not 100 percent clear. It's not even clear exactly when the pics were taken.

If Rob was at the house and Kristen wasn't, it's possible he was just there to pick up some leftover stuff after his move. You always forget something. But let's say she was there and he wasn't just picking up his stuff. Could that mean they're thinking of getting back together? Maybe! But maybe not. It could just be a chance to talk about visitation rights for their dogs. Kristen was recently seen with a new dog, but she and Rob were said to be working out some kind of joint custody agreement for their own two pooches, Bear and Bernie.

Robsten fans have never lost hope — and there's always room for more hope! — but this could just be something simple and non-exciting. Or maybe it's the start of a real reconciliation...

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