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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 3, Episode 10: “The Overlooked” — Emergency Scare

Traffic jams. Thunderstorms. These Teen Wolf teens are victims of circumstance. Or maybe not. In Season 3, Episode 10, “The Overlooked,” Scott and his friends are the only people in Beacon Hills rushing toward a place on the brink of a natural disaster.

Mrs. McCall is evacuating the hospital. A mild thunderstorm has turned into a demon wolf storm, complete with flood watch. In his niece’s hospital room, Peter is upset Cora hasn’t been moved yet. When she runs in to check on the patient, Mrs. McCall gets the shock of her life. “You’re supposed to be dead,” she tells Peter. “I get that a lot, actually,” he replies. Meanwhile, Cora is vomiting black blood. Who does she think she is? Gerard Argent?

In the hopes she can get Derek alone, Jennifer Blake runs to her (ex?) boyfriend’s loft. Hopefully Scott and Stiles have texted him to let him know his girlfriend is evil. Actually, they’ve done one better and the teens are already at the loft, watching from the shadows. Jennifer tries to pretend she isn’t a mass murderer, but Scott unleashes a jar of mistletoe upon her. This brings out her worst side — aka, her horribly scarred face. Derek’s about to get all stabby with his claws when the English teacher tells him, “You need me.” She’s the only person who can save his sister.

While calling to confirm Jennifer’s story, Derek learns from Peter his sister has been vomiting mistletoe. Worst Christmas party ever.

Derek starts to crush Ms. Blake’s neck, when Stiles begs him to stop. The sheriff is still missing, and Jennifer promises they’ll never find him if she’s dead. “Derek,” Scott yells. He can just shout anyone’s name and they’ll stop whatever they’re doing.

In the car on the way to the hospital, a docile Jennifer tells Derek, “I don’t want your sister to die. You need to hear the whole story, Derek. You need to know how connected we really are.” Something feels wrong to Stiles, who says Jennifer looked like everything was going according to plan.

Once inside the hospital, the gang runs into Mrs. McCall. “We’re here for Cora,” Scott explains. There are two more ambulances, the nurse tells them. They’re arriving in 10 and 20 minutes. Then she notices Stiles has brought her baseball bat for protection.

In the elevator, Derek holds Jennifer’s arm in an unromantic fashion. “I’m going to help,” she insists, promising not to run. The group sees a pool of black blood next to an empty bed upon exiting the elevator. Suddenly, Peter comes sliding through a pair of double doors on his back. The trip is courtesy of the conjoined Alpha twins.

Derek wolfs out and goes after the Alphanstein monster. A transformed Scott runs in to help. While Stiles half-heartedly wields his bat, he realizes Cora is lying on the ground. With Peter’s help, he grabs the unconscious female werewolf. Scott tries to reason with Ethan and Aiden, but they tell him, “All we want is her.” Taking that as her cue, Jennifer leaves via the elevator.

Kali and Deucalion stroll in to the hospital. Jennifer nearly runs into them and narrowly misses being impaled by the Alpha of Alpha’s hurled cane. We get a quick girl-on-girl altercation between Kali and Jennifer, advantage Darach.

Scott and Stiles are clearly ditching school, because we next cut to Allison and Isaac at Beacon Hills High. While Lydia is relatively safe at a different hospital, Isaac realizes Cora could be in danger. Cool dad Chris Argent shows up at school to take Allison home but is easily persuaded to drive them to the hospital instead. And in such a storm, too!

As if she doesn’t have enough to deal with, Mrs. McCall has to pull Deucalion’s cane out of the wall. Suddenly the blind Alpha is there to thank her. The nurse charmingly calls him “the bad guy.” “You have no idea,” he replies.

The twins have separated into two bodies and are bickering. Aiden points out that Jennifer has the power to kill them and they shouldn’t hesitate just because Scott is in the way.

When Derek finally catches up to Stiles and Peter, the teen goes off. “Your psychotic, mass-murdering girlfriend has my dad tied up,” he tells Derek, annoyed that Jennifer got away. Speak of the devil; Jennifer walks in, promising to save Cora and release the sheriff once she’s safe from the Alphas.

Not willing to wait that long, Peter purposes tortue. Derek agrees. The gore-happy dudes are interrupted by a PA announcement read by Mrs. McCall: Deucalion requests the woman calling herself Jennifer Blake be brought to him. Everyone else can leave. Jennifer points out that the Alpha won’t hurt the nurse. “Scott, you know why,” she says. Then she tells a confused Derek, “You’re not the only one he wants in his pack.”

According to Ms. Blake, “Deucalion wants perfection.” He’s only adding the rarest of Alphas to his ranks. That’s when it dawns on Peter that Scott is a “True Alpha” — a werewolf who can earn power by will, rather than murder. “Our little Scott,” he marvels. Is it just us, or was a prideful tear shining in his eye? But enough about all that. They need to get out of the hospital. Since Jennifer refuses to leave without her boy toy, Peter has to help Scott distract the twins.

In order to take on the Alphanstein monster, Peter shoots himself up with epinephrine. While he and Scott are rumbling with the giant, the others slip out.

Derek deposits his sister in the waiting ambulance, but Jennifer’s discovered the driver’s dead body. “Julia,” says a voice from around the vehicle. It’s Kali. “It is you,” the Alpha says to the English teacher. Derek and Jennifer decide to book it for the elevator. Though they reach it in time, Deucalion shuts off power, trapping them there.

As a “gesture of good will,” Deucalion lets Mrs. McCall run. He tells her to be careful in a creepy, knowing fashion.

In the unmoving ambulance, Cora isn’t breathing. Stiles clumsily attempts the mouth-breathing part of CPR. This is a public service announcement: The American Heart Association recommends the opposite. You only need to do chest compressions.

Despite Stiles doing CPR entirely wrong, he revives Cora. “The next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake,” he says. We agree. And Stiles’s first aid certification needs to be revoked.

Scott and Peter are taking a breather, hoping the twins will tire. Then they notice the laundry chute. Once they’ve landed in a pile of bed linens, Scott takes the opportunity to text Derek.

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Stiles opens up to the unresponsive Cora. “Maybe we are pretty much useless,” he tells her. “Maybe all we do is show up and find the bodies. I don’t want to find my father’s body.” He gets teary, but we don’t. Nope. Not at all. Random growling alerts Stiles to the fact that the twins are lurking outside the ambulance.

The Argents and Isaac are prowling the hospital corridors. Where have you been? With his super senses, Isaac hears something happening below them.

A weakened Peter, supported by Scott, arrives at the ambulance. The teen wolf has to go back for Jennifer and his mom. Stiles alerts his BFF to the fact that Kali has the keys to the emergency vehicle and the twins aren’t far away.

Promptly forgetting this last bit of info, Scott runs into the morphed twins. Luckily, Mrs. McCall defibrillates the brothers, and they make their escape.

Derek and Jennifer are still in the elevator. She accuses him of thinking she’s evil, a bitch, and, worst of all, ugly.

Kali tells Deucalion he has a soft spot for Scott, but the demon wolf insists it’s all business. Then he accuses her of the same thing with Jennifer Blake.

The English teacher introduces herself to Derek as Julia Bicari. “That was my name,” she tells him. Then she launches into her story: She was Kali’s emissary. The one the she-wolf couldn’t kill. In a quick flashback, Jennifer’s face is covered in blood as the female werewolf stands over her.

Complaining to Deucalion in the present, Kali is saying she didn’t understand why she had to kill her emissary. “I did everything you asked,” she tells him, though the pack leader points out she did it to be with Ennis. It turns out, Kali just wanted her friend to die a peaceful death, so she never looked back to see if the job was completed. “My heart bleeds for you, Kali,” Deucalion tells her. “Apparently hers could’ve bled a little more.”

A few months before her near-murder, Jennifer tells Derek, something happened to reignite the spark of druid power: a virgin sacrifice. The nemeton (aka, the sacred place for druid rituals) was recharged by Paige’s death. “You gave me power, just enough to hold on to life a little longer. Long enough to be found,” Jennifer explains to Derek, as a flashback shows then-Deputy Stilinski discovering her, bloody but still alive.

Scott’s a little creeped out Deucalion released his mom. When he hears sounds from down the hall, the werewolf gets lucky Chris Argent doesn’t accidentally shoot him the face.

The story of why people kiss under mistletoe is a long and interesting one. And here it is, courtesy of J. Blake. It’s a Norse myth: Everyone loved Odin’s son Baldr, but his mom still thought it was wise to protect the lad. So Frigg. a goddess, got every substance on earth to promise to never hurt her baby. The god of mischief, Loki, wasn’t Team Baldr at all and realized Frigg had forgotten to ask mistletoe to take the oath. He made dart out of the plant, killing Baldr. A distraught Frigg said mistletoe would never be used as weapon again and promised to kiss anyone who passed under it.

“We were the overlooked. The emissaries,” Jennifer explains, connecting the dots, we guess, between mistletoe and druids. Moving on, she was loaned power from virgins, philosophers, basically everyone she killed, so she could take down the Alphas. “You’ve killed innocent people,” Derek accused. Takes one to know one, she points out. She wants his help to stop them from hurting anyone ever again. The perfect time? During the lunar eclipse — when werewolves lose all their power.

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The Argents and Isaac are formulating a plan. Father of the year Chris Argent (just kidding, love him!) has no idea who Ms. Blake is, so Isaac explains she’s the “kinda hot” teacher. Allison pretty much rolls her eyes and says, “I have an idea.”

Isaac gets in the Argents’ car and video-phone chats with Allison, who mocks him for being afraid. That’s what you get for calling a teacher hot, Isaac.

The twins are still shirtless when they hear Allison’s footsteps. Kali hears them too. Now everyone is running... after Allison. Isaac sees the twins on his still-connected video-phone chat and drives toward the hospital entrance. Once everyone’s outside, Allison starts shooting arrows. Chris is double-fisted, shooting off rounds with his handguns. That always makes us swoon.

Mrs. McCall turns on the power, allowing Derek to start up the elevator. Taking advantage of their last few trapped seconds together, Jennifer asks him to look at her. She’s all scarred.

After loading Cora into Chris’s car, Stiles stares at a form on the ambulance's door. It reads: parent or guardian. He starts to run.

Even though Derek is unmoving on the floor of the elevator, when Scott realizes Jennifer’s gone through the shaft the teen wolf can only think about his mom.

Cute! Isaac doesn’t want to leave Scott. But he takes off in the car after backseat driver Peter yells at him.

A panicked Scott meets up with Deucalion. “They’re gone,” the Alpha says of Jennifer and Mrs. McCall. “I could’ve told you what it meant,” he adds. “Let’s help each other.”

Scott walks toward the demon wolf, convinced he can get his mom and the sheriff back. “Don’t do this,” pleads Stiles, coming up behind them. “Don’t go with him.” Scott says he has no choice: “I’m gonna find your dad. I promise.”

“Scott!” shouts Stiles; unlike his best friend, he doesn’t have the power to stop people just by saying their name.

Mrs. McCall is breathing heavily. “Hey,” says Stilinski, nonchalantly. They’re in some sort of dimly lit basement. Why he’s still alive, we don’t know but we’ll take it. The sheriff tells Scott’s mom they’re in what he thinks is a root cellar. “She called it something different,” he adds. “She called it nemeton.”

Next week, Cora is still sickly and Chris Argent might be “one of them.” No! We trusted you and lusted after your gun-firing skills. Wait. Who is “them”?

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