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The Sandlot Star Tom Guiry Arrested For Allegedly Headbutting a Cop

This is at least strike one for Tom Guiry, who starred as Scotty Smalls in the 1993 movie The Sandlot.

According to TMZ, Tom, now 31, was at the airport in Houston over the weekend when a United Airlines employee decided he was too drunk to fly. An airport officer reportedly approached Tom and gave him the options of a public intoxication test or the "drunk tank."

Tom allegedly became "belligerent and verbally abusive," threatening the officer and trying to kick him in the face. Apparently that shot didn't land, but TMZ says the actor did headbutt the cop. Yikes.

Tom was reportedly booked for felony assault on a police officer; he posted $5,000 bail and was released. TMZ got no comment from Tom's reps.

Check out his mug shot here, along with how he looked back in The Sandlot.

Tom — now billed as Thomas Guiry — co-starred in Black Hawk Down, Tigerland and U-571 among other films, plus episodes of Law & Order and the new show Elementary. He also played Jimmy Donnelly in 14 episodes of the 2007 TV series The Black Donnellys.

Sources: TMZ, IMDb

08.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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