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Revenge Season 3 Spoiler: Aiden Mathis Alive and Sleeping With the Enemy … [SPOILER]!

The Revenge powers that be claim that the hit shoreside drama will be getting back to basics come Sept. 29, and on Revenge that means we can expect some very twisted logic, sexy bodies, and extra cocktails.

The cast recently appeared at the TCAs, and while we loved their call for “simplicity” in Season 3, one juicy spoiler had us begging for more. Originally we thought the storyline for Emily Thorne’s revenge school lover, Aiden Mathis, was completely played out, but when actor Barry Sloane spoke with TV Guide, he gave away some details that have us desperate for Season 3 to start.

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"That's what's interesting about Aiden this year; he's sleeping with the enemy a little bit!" Barry told the publication. And by enemy, who exactly is he referring to? "I've been working a lot with Madeleine [Stowe]," he teased.

Ummm, is there a Vaiden ‘ship in our future?!

Apparently all of this comes about after Aiden loses Emily to Daniel, but to hop in bed with his lover’s sworn enemy? Seems like someone is looking to get their house burned down.

And for those who still think Aiden might not be returning after his fight with Daniel Grayson in the Season 2 finale, never fear. Barry Sloane will be a series regular come fall, and his character will be even more prominent.

“Last year he was very much a ninja on the periphery,” new showrunner Sunil Nayar told TVLine. “And now we get to inject him into the world of the show. It’s reconception of the character and a real growth. The stories we told last year barely scratched the surface of what Barry is capable of doing as an actor and what the character is capable of doing on screen. He has such a rich history with Emily.”

Are you excited for Aiden’s storyline this season? Tell us below!

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