Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Revenge Season 3 Spoiler: Jack Porter Gives Emily Thorne a Major Ultimatum

It’s a whole new year, you guys. Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and seemingly doing better, and Emily Thorne finally told Jack Porter that she’s the real Amanda Clarke on Revenge. ‘Tis the season of new beginnings!

And as you can guess, Jack, Captain of the USS Angst, probably won’t take the news well when Revenge returns on Sunday, Sept. 29.

That relationship is incredibly tense when we come back,” Emily VanCamp tells ET Online. “We see the first moment they see one another since she told him and it's really charged. They've always had this incredibly intense chemistry, but he never knew why. Yet that doesn't take away from the fact he's incredibly livid with what she's done.”

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

The result? It looks like Jack’s about to wear the pants in this revengey relationship. He’s actually setting a deadline for Ms. Thorne to complete her mission and move on.

“She's been given an ultimatum by Jack to get this done by summer because he's completely uncomfortable with what she's doing, and having the knowledge of what she's doing,” Emily reveals. “He doesn't want to see anyone else suffer at the hands of her plan, so he gives her a timetable, which makes her put a very specific plan into action.”

And even if she meets Jack’s deadline, Ems might not exactly be the apple of his eye when Revenge returns.

“It's interesting to see who Amanda Clarke is through his eyes as an adult because you do start to see how crazy she is,” Emily continues. “How this sociopathic behavior, who was born out of trauma, is ingrained in her. The way she describes what she's doing without a hint of thinking it's immoral, makes Jack basically say, ‘Girl, you are crazy!’ [laughs] As an audience, you really start to get a sense of how deeply this need to get revenge is in her soul.”

Let’s hope she doesn’t pull a Kara Wallace Clarke and require restraints.

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Source: ET Online