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The Bachelor

Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s Advice For Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Emily Maynard has some words of wisdom, so y'all better listen up. Specifically you, Juan Pablo Galavis.

In case you'd forgotten (how could you?!) Emily was crowned ABC's Bachelorette just a few seasons ago so girlfriend knows her way around a televised love journey. Furthermore, like Juan Pabz, Emily has a kidlet and so has to balance her desire to find love with the responsibilities of parenthood!

"It's a really hard situation to be in anyway, being the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but adding being a single parent into the mix makes it that much harder," Emily tells E!. "But it's also a blessing because children are brutally honest and keep you very grounded. I just say keep talking to her [Juan Pablo's daughter, Camila] every day and keep her to the forefront of your mind in all your choices, and I'm sure he will!"

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Like Emily did with Ricki, Juan Pablo plans to stay in close touch with his kiddo while filming. But when this little lady isn't around to dish advice to her pops, he can always rely on Emily's helpful musings!

"If I could give Juan Pablo any advice it would be to drink lots of coffee, because you're not going to get much sleep, and ask lots of questions," she says. "Based on their answers, follow your gut."

Words to live by — though Juan Pablo hardly needs coffee. We're pretty sure he subsists on the natural energy produced by thousands of fan-girls screaming his name.

Source: E!