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Justin Bieber’s Alleged Bar Brawl Victim Reveals Why He Was Attacked, Plans Lawsuit

Justin Bieber has been trying pretty hard to trade in his clean-cut image in recent months, but despite all the speeding, loud parties, and breaking up with Selena Gomez he could muster, many fans just couldn't see him for anything but the adorable little pop star he once was.

He may have finally dropped his good guy image with his recent alleged brawl in Southampton, for which he is now under investigation by police and the target of a lawsuit.

Wayne Rennalls, 22, says that he was partying at the same club as Justin when he approached a waitress regarding a bow tie he had lent her earlier in the night. Justin, who was trying to spit a little game at the waitress, was offended to no end by Wayne's presence, so he allegedly had his hired goons show Wayne a little Canadian hospitality in the form of a severe beating in the parking lot.

Wayne says that the beating left him with cuts to his face and a possible broken tooth, because he knows for certain why he was beaten up, but is for some reason unclear about whether or not he has all of his teeth.

Police claim that Justin's guys did attack Wayne, but only after they were provoked.

Wayne is planning to sue Justin for the alleged assault, the investigation of which is ongoing.

Source: TMZ

08.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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