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Dexter Season 8 Burning Question: Should There Be More Kill Room Scenes?

Dexter’s final season is more than halfway over and only two people have landed on the Dark Passenger’s table. Unlike many previous years, Season 8 is about Dexter’s journey rather than his habitual kills, balancing his life with his family (patching up his relationship with Deb and taking care of now-talking Harrison) and a new, complicated relationship with Dr. Vogel and potential protege Zach.

Though the interesting twists and turns as Dexter inches toward the edge of getting caught or losing someone he loves — most recently, his neighbor and potential love interest Cassie was bludgeoned — there’s something to be said about it feeling like a final season. While we don’t have to time warp back to Season 1, seeing the show come full circle with a “back to basics” principle would have been a welcome addition — including, but not limited to, more time in the kill room.

The days of Dexter draping plastic sheets and victim’s photos in ever-changing locations — always a space of importance to the perp — are long gone; in fact, we only saw one pre-planned kill come to fruition with the cannibal this season, and the other kill was a spur-of-the-moment impaling of Yates. And of course, he wouldn't have a new right-hand man without his last-minute change of heart regarding Zach. That would have been a satisfying and warranted kill, but instead, he took pity and decided to attempt to teach this unhinged teen the code.

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Thus far, watching Dexter and Zach together has been interesting, but we’d trade their relationship and his endless conversations with Vogel for time in the kill room. With only five episodes left in the series, the intense and emotional kill-rom scenes would be almost therapeutic (in the most twisted of ways) for us and Dexter, getting back to the core of the show with escaped criminals taped up, stabbed, and reduced to mere blood slides. That, in addition to exploring Dexter and Hannah’s complicated relationship, could push the show toward an epic finale that ties together everything that has happened throughout eight seasons, satisfies fans, and lets Dex do what he does best.

Granted, this isn’t to say that it has to be one or the other. We don’t want to detract from the intertwined plot lines that have emerged this season (Vogel, Zach, Hannah, and Deb included), but adding a bit of plastic into the show couldn’t hurt.

Dexter fans, do you think that there should be more kill room scenes, or do you appreciate the show moving away from the typical format in recent seasons? Sound off below.

Catch the next episode of Dexter on Sunday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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