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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will April Leave Matthew for Jackson?

Sometimes it takes a brush with death to really put things in perspective. And when April (Sarah Drew) thought that Jackson (Jesse Williams) had died in Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 9 finale, all her past feelings for the bad boy doc came rushing back. She realized she really was still in love with him.

Credit: ABC    

Of course, April is still very much engaged to Matthew (Justin Bruening). So it’s not like she and Jackson are just going to grab hands and happily skip off into their own personal happily ever after.

No, as of right now, the ball is very much still in Jackson’s court. Will he accept April’s declaration of love — or will he insist that she stay far away and, you know, try to be happy with the man she just pledged the rest of her life to?

Grey’s showrunner Shonda Rhimes didn’t give any clear-cut answers, but she did hint strongly that Matthew isn’t out of the picture just yet. Shonda tells The Hollywood Reporter that April’s virginal fiance will stick around for “more than a few” episodes of Season 10. For those of you thinking he might be headed out of April’s life for good, think again.

In fact, it sounds like Jackson won’t be all that happy about April’s declaration of feelings. We’re thinking she might end up with Matthew just by default.

“Jackson, over the course of last season, felt like he'd been jerked around a lot,” Shonda says. “For him, this is going to be an interesting moment when he gets to answer April, and we will see that eventually. It will be an interesting moment.”

That doesn’t sound too promsing to us! What do you think: Will Jackson and April make it through the confusion and hurt feelings and ultimately end up together, or is this just one pairing that wasn’t meant to be?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter