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Ian Somerhalder’s Moke vs. Katy Perry’s Kitty Purry: Celebrity Cat-Off! (POLL)

It's a battle... to the pets! We know it's hard, but you're going to have to pick which one's cuter: Ian Somerhalder (and Nina Dobrev)'s adorable baby Moke, or Katy Perry's sidekick Kitty Purry.

August 8 was World Cat Day, and our cats are real pissed that we missed it. To ward off getting clawed to death by adorable little cat paws, we had two options: let our adorable feline overlords take over the entire site, or seriously ramp up our kitty-related content. So what else could we do but make a poll about the cats of the two cat-craziest celebs we know?

Both these kitties come from broken homes: Ian and ex-girlfriend Nina split custody of Moke, while Katy just took back Kitty (and the shared cat, Krusty) after her divorce from Russell Brand. Both cats are real good at making faces. Kitty Purry is better-accessorized, which depending on your cat steez, could be an asset or a problem. Moke has kind of a see-saw issue with his weight, which... you know, same thing.

Still, one cat must emerge victorious! Take your pick, readers: the sassy style of Kitty Purry or little orange Moke?

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Don't make me choose! They're both so cute!

I hate both those cats.

08.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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