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Revenge Season 2 Deleted Scene: Victoria and Conrad Discuss Amanda’s Horrific “Swan Dive” (VIDEO)

In anticipation of the August 20 release of the Revenge Season 2 DVD, the folks over at TVLine got their hands on a deleted scene from the beachy drama’s sophomore season. The lost scene in question was cut from Season 2, Episode 5, and occurs not long after Fauxmanda’s (may she rest in peace) “swan dive” from the second story of Grayson Manor during her baby shower.

Despite Fauxmanda’s coma, Victoria manages to eviscerate her rival, calling her “disturbed” and dumb, while questioning how she got the visitor’s log from Kara Wallace Clarke’s hospital.

As an added bonus, this deleted bit also features sassy Charlotte Grayson, who jokes that she’s off to spend a perfectly nice summer day in the Hamptons in “church” before stopping by the hospital to visit her unconscious half-sister.

The youngest Grayson also expresses her disdain for Victoria and Conrad’s decision to renew their wedding vows, calling her parents “disturbed.” Talk about an understatement!

Head on over to TVLine to check out this forgotten scene, and then tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TVLine