Credit: Adam Rose/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: 7 Clues About the Season 4 Summer Finale From the Photos

Buckle up for the Pretty Little Liars summer finale! Our destination: Ravenswood. According to the official synopsis for Season 4, Episode 12: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t,” the episode will see “the Liars hitting the road and heading to Ravenswood, where they are surrounded by some familiar faces.” What other clues about the ep can we glean from these spoiler pics? Read on for seven of ‘em!

The Liars do some sleuthing. Per usual, the Liars are skulking around looking for clues (check out Spencer, Emily, and Hanna looking confused on Ravenswood’s main street). According to the synopsis, “an intriguing riddle from ‘A’ brings the Liars to Ravenswood. Is it the riddle that brings the Liars to the magic show of The Great Charlemagne? Aria is pointing out the poster for the show in this spoiler pic. The show is “for tonight only” in Ravenswood Park. Sounds like a terrible idea, Aria.

The Liars split up. At least that’s what it looks like in this spoiler pic, which shows Aria looking distraught on the phone while Spence and Hanna look on. In another spoiler pic, from what appears to be the same scene, all three girls are listening to whoever is on the phone. Is Emily the person the other Liars are talking to? Has she gone to do some solo-sleuthing? We’re not so sure that a good idea, Em — finales are dangerous.

Credit: Adam Rose/ ABC Family    

The Great Charlemagne is a mime. Hopefully, the Liars weren’t hoping for many answers from The Great Charlemagne...because it looks like the guy’s some sort of mime/clown hybrid. We get a good look at him in this spoiler pic, in which he’s pulling the old extra-length cloth trick. On the other hand, maybe this magic show thing won’t be a total wash. We kind of imagine Spencer being a badass at charades.

The Liars are not impressed with the magic show. At least, that’s what it looks like in this spoiler pic, which shows Em, Spence, and Hanna looking unamused at the stage. They may be in the minority, though, because the magic show looks pretty well-attended. Who are all of these people, and are there any “familiar faces” in the crowd, like the synopsis suggests?

Aria is disappearing. Apparently, Aria is full of bad ideas in this episode because — as we see in this spoiler pic — she also volunteers to be the person The Great Charlemagne makes disappear in his great big box. The episode synopsis says “during a very special magic show, one Liar pulls a disappearing act, leaving the other three scrambling to make sure she hasn’t succumbed to ‘A’’s tricks.” Looks like we know who the lucky Liar is.

Spooky statues abound. What’s with all of those creepy angel statues loitering in the background of these spoiler pics (i.e. all around Ravenswood). It’s like the Liars have never even seen the “Blink” episode of Doctor Who! Otherwise, they’d get the heck out of dodge. Are these statues important, or are they just there to set an eerie mood? Because they’re working.

The Liars are at their most fashionable when sleuthing. Seriously, you’d think the stress of having “A” in their sights would have a detrimental effect on their fashion, but the Liars always tend to look super hot when they’re in danger. Check out their looks for the summer finale. We’re particularly digging Aria’s Peter Pan collar and puffed sleeve blazer. That girl’s fashion choices can be so misguided, but when she’s on, she’s on.

What clues can you glean from the spoiler pics. Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.