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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 10: That Awkward Moment When… (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Liars wows us week after week with action-packed episodes of drama, thrills, and twisted plot lines, but there’s one thing that people fail to mention when talking about the show: all the awkward moments.

Throughout PLL’s four seasons, there have been a lot of uncomfortable scenes, including finding out the girl you just made out with is your student, discovering your boyfriend is “A,” or watching your mom hit a now-dead detective with her car.

Basically, Rosewood is one awkward town, and to honor that (or at least call the Liars out on their weird moments), we’re compiling all of ‘em, one episode at a time. On last night’s episode (Season 4, Episode 10: "The Mirror Has Three Faces"), there weren’t many cringe-worthy scenes, but one was definitely a big ol’ womp.

Actually, we have to admit this one is kind of sad. Teacher-turned-paternity-detective Ezra went to a family lawyer, probably traded some hair follicles, and found out that Malcolm isn’t his son. Gasp! He was not happy, confronted Maggie about it, and she basically said she knew he wasn’t the father, but decided that in her heart, he was her baby daddy. Umm. That is a whole awkward moment (spanning Malcolm’s entire life) that we can’t dive into right now.

Credit: ABC Family/Video Still    

The awkward, yet sad moment really came when Ezra was dealing with his feels. He was crying alone, thinking about how he knows so much about the little guy — including his milk to cereal ratio — and that it doesn’t matter now. Needing a shoulder to cry on, he calls his ex, Aria, and she watches her phone ring. She has to decide whether to answer it or focus on her current beau, Jake, and she chooses... Jake. This leaves Ezra sobbing in the dark, staring at a dark window by his lonesome. We would have comforted him, but our TV would have shattered from the hug.

Ezria fans are probably crying now, too, but things could turn around for these two next week. Fingers crossed for less crying from all the guys (Ezra, Caleb, and Toby)!

Was this the most awkward moment of Pretty Little Liars for you? Watch the clip, then tell us your thoughts below!