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Grey's Anatomy

The 6 Best Meredith and Cristina Moments in Grey’s Anatomy History

Sad news broke in the Grey's Anatomy world when Sandra Oh announced that she is departing after the upcoming Season 10, meaning it's the end of an era for the best female friendship on TV: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina (Sandra Oh). Though it's hard to narrow down all of their amazing moments through the years — from bright and shiny to dark and twisty ones — we managed to par down the list of their best to six. Read on, grab a box of tissues, and leave your own favorite Mer and Cristina moments in the comments!

The "person" moment
Once Cristina realized that Meredith wasn't the spoiled daughter of a famous surgeon, and Meredith realized that Cristina wasn't an arrogant meanie, they became pals throughout the show's first season. And their BFF-ness was solidified at the beginning of Season 2, when Cristina told Meredith that she had listed Mer as the emergency contact for her abortion appointment. They realized they were each other's "person," a term we immediately and optimistically started applying to our own friends (either to their delight or dismay)!

The "ouch"
When Meredith succumbed to the depths of Puget Sound during the ferry disaster, she was deprived of oxygen for so long that the other doctors didn't know how much brain function she would have, if any. Cristina held vigil at Mer's bedside, and when Mer stirred, Cristina coaxed her to form one word to signify that she was OK. Meredith simply said, "Ouch." Cristina blurted out that she was getting married to Burke, and that Mer was the one person she wanted to tell.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

The corset cut
Meredith stuck by Cristina's side throughout the whole Burke wedding debacle, culminating in the scene when Cristina returned to Burke's apartment to find it vacated. Cristina seemed both liberated and distraught, and she hyperventilated, feeling like the wedding dress was suffocating her. Meredith cut it off of her and clutched her in a tight embrace as Cristina wept. Too bad Mer wasn't there to hold us, the viewing audience, as well!

The joint spousal save
You just hate to see a fine hunk of a surgeon felled by a bullet, but that's what happened when deranged widower Gary Clark shot Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and then Owen (Kevin McKidd). Luckily, their ladies happened to be accomplished surgeons who saved their lives — though, frankly, Cristina got a raw deal since Derek was in far worse condition and needing more surgical heroics than Owen!

The olive branch
This best-friend-ship went on hiatus when Cristina blamed her PTSD symptoms on Mer, saying that she would have never have had a gun pointed at her head if Mer hadn't asked her to save Derek. Finally, after weeks of fighting and frostiness, Cristina issued an armistice, asking Mer if she wanted a drink. Mer agreed but forwent any alcoholic beverage because of her whole pregnant-ness situation — so, with her typical snark, Cristina offered crack cocaine. Aww. Bestie once more!

The promise
After the traumatizing plane crash of Season 8, Meredith was understandably shaken — especially after she found out she was pregnant! Toward the end of Season 9, as she got closer to her due date, she had a heart-to-heart with child-averse Cristina, in which her bestie surprisingly promised to take care of Zola and "the fetus" if anything happened to her and Derek. Thankfully, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Bailey and did not need Cristina's help, though for a few heart-stopping moments of the finale, we were worried that Mer may not make it! She did, and now we'll see how big of a role Cristina plays in Bailey's life in Season 10.  

What is your favorite moment of Mer and Cristina’s friendship? Sound off below!